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Rules and Regulations


The White Rock Resort (“Park”) has established the following Rules and Regulations which apply to all Tenants, RV Occupants, and Guests. The following Rules and Regulations are a part of your Registration and Rental Agreement with the Park for the RV Site you have rented. Please read the Rules and Regulations carefully and keep a copy on file as they constitute a binding agreement between you and the Park. The Rules and Regulations are for the protection, benefit, and comfort of our entire community and to promote care for common areas. At all times, the Rules and Regulations will be interpreted in a reasonable manner consistent with the Recreational Vehicle Park Occupancy Law.

Our Park is a friendly and enjoyable place to reside. We ask that you treat your neighbors as you would like to be treated and refrain from acts that may disturb the peaceful enjoyment of others and work together to continue to make the Park a pleasant place to call home for the duration of your stay.

If you have any questions regarding the Park’s Rules and Regulations, please notify Park Management in writing.


In these Rules and Regulations, the following terms will have the following definitions unless the context or their usage indicates that a different definition is intended. Note, unless otherwise stated, the terms defined herein are not the definitions set forth in the Recreational Vehicle Park Occupancy Law (California Civil Code §§ 790.20 et seq.):

  1. “Recreational Vehicle Park Occupancy Law” means those provisions of the California Civil Code Sections 799.20, et seq. which are known as the Recreational Vehicle Park Occupancy Law.
  2. “Park” means White Rock Resort located at 16800 Highway 101 N., Smith River, CA 95567 and also includes any and all owners or management of Park.
  3. “Recreational Vehicle” or “RV” means a motor home, travel trailer, truck camper, camping trailer, or park model as defined in Health & Safety Code Section 18010 and referenced in Civil Code Section 799.29.
  4. “RV Site” means the real property (which is a Recreational Vehicle lot) rented to a Tenant [as defined herein] by the Owner and shall be the lesser of either: (1) the lot lines as determined by a governmentally approved survey or by a recorded plot plan; or (2) the apparent physical boundaries of the RV Site as they exist at the time the rental agreement is/was entered into. PLEASE NOTE: The boundaries of the RV Site end at the top of the roofline of the Tenant’s RV. The rental of the RV Site does not include any right or easement for light or view. Regarding maintenance of the RV Site, Tenant shall be responsible for the greater area as defined by this paragraph.
  5. “Owner” means the owners of the Park (including the owner’s partners, directors, representatives, officers, members, managers, employees, and agents) and the management of the Park.
    “Management” or “Park Management” means the Owner or managers of the Park, or any authorized agent acting on their behalf in connection with matters relating to the Park.
    “Tenant” means the person who has established tenancy and lawfully occupies a RV Site located at the Park pursuant to the Recreational Vehicle Park Occupancy Law.
  6. “Guests” means all of Tenant’s invitees, permittees or licensees, persons sharing the RV Site, persons who have sublet an RV Site, or other persons in the Park or on the RV Site at the invitation, request, or tolerance of Tenant.
  7. “Park Facilities” or “Recreational Facilities” means those areas and facilities of the Park generally open to Tenants and their Guests.
  8. “Park Management’s approval,” “approval of Park Management,” “Park Management’s consent” or “consent of Park Management” or other similar terms as used in these Rules and Regulations, means that the Park Management’s prior written approval which must be obtained by Tenant before Tenancy commences any such action requiring Park Management’s approval. If Park Management’s prior written approval is required, Tenant shall submit a written request to Park Management which describes the action Tenant proposes to take for which Tenant seeks approval. Without limiting the foregoing, Tenant agrees that if Tenant does commence any construction, alterations and/or improvements without Owner’s approval, Tenant will remove such unapproved items immediately upon notice by Owner.
    The definitions set forth herein in this paragraph shall apply unless the context indicates that a different meaning is intended. For example, when specified, “Tenant” can also mean the owner or operator of a Recreational Vehicle who has occupied a Site in the Park for more than thirty (30) consecutive days.


Tenants and their Guests may only use the Park Facilities if they comply with these Rules and Regulations and the Park’s other conditions of tenancy. No violation of any federal, state or local law or administrative order or regulation will be tolerated at the Park.

Absolutely no soliciting is allowed in the Park at any time, including door-to-door solicitation from one Tenant to another. Newspapers, distribution of handbills, cold-calling and door-to-door selling are not permitted without Park Management’s consent. All salespersons must make individual appointments with the Tenant concerned or interested.

The RV Site and Tenant’s RV shall be used only for private residential purposes and no business or commercial activity of any nature shall be conducted thereon:
Notwithstanding the foregoing, the following commercial or business activity is prohibited:

  1. Any activity inconsistent with lawful and enforceable Park zoning and any conditional use permits, which would increase the risk of harm to the Owner or to any other person or property.
  2. Any activity which increases insurance costs to Owner or Tenant or affects the ability to obtain insurance.
  3. Any activity which would increase noise, dust, vibration, odors or fumes, smoke or any other condition offensive to the senses, traffic (vehicle or pedestrian), congestion, deliveries and delivery or mail trucks, require storage of anything outside the Tenant’s RV, or result in manufacturing of anything, require additional employees or other persons on the RV Site or affect parking.


  1. All Guests intending to stay overnight on the RV Site must be registered with Management through the Park’s online portal at least 48 hours prior to the Guest’s arrival. Guests’ vehicles must also be registered with the current Park’s online portal. Park Management reserves the right to change the online portal software at any time.
  2. No Guest may stay more than fourteen (14) consecutive days with a limit of four (4) weeks in a calendar year except with prior written approval from Park Management. The number of Guests is limited as to not allow more than four (4) total persons to occupy RV.
  3. The Park Owners shall not be responsible for any damage to the premises and/or to the RV including any costs incurred for repairs, replacements, or maintenance and any other related expenses known or unknown caused by any visiting occupants and or Guests.
  4. Park Management reserves the right to require any occupant and/or Guests to vacate the cabin for any violation of the park rules.


  1. Tenants and their Guests have the right to use the RV Site and Park Facilities only if they comply with these Rules and Regulations and the other provisions of the Park’s residency documents.
  2. Tenant and their Guests agree to abide and conform with all applicable laws and ordinances, all terms and conditions of these Rules and Regulations, and all rules, regulations, terms and provisions contained in any document referred to in Tenant’s rental agreement. Said rules, regulations, terms and provisions may, from time to time, be amended, modified or otherwise changed by Owner or Management.
  3. No claim against Management may be made for the decision or policy to refrain from enforcement of the Rules and Regulations, including covenants to maintain the peace and quiet, bars against encroachment, or any disagreement with a neighboring or other Tenant or person residing in the Park or upon the RV Site of the Park, for any reason, including advice of counsel. Thus, in the event, for example, that a Tenant is claiming a neighbor to be violating a rule and regulation, such violation, if any, only gives rise to a remedy that is available to Management, and such a rule violation, if any, does not give rise to a claim to the complaining Tenant against Management for not enforcing rules and regulations. This provision is the essence of these Rules and Regulations. It is not subject to any waiver by the Management unless expressed in writing and executed by an Owner of the Park. Management has no authority to waive the provisions of this paragraph.
  4. Tenants must recognize that Park Management will not be responsible to Tenant for normal, day-to-day disturbances that may result from the close proximity of other Tenants and persons within the Park. If Tenant is unreasonably disturbed or bothered by the activity of another Tenant or the Guest of another Tenant, Tenant should submit a written complaint to Management. Management will review the complaint and determine whether a Rule or Regulation has been violated or whether the complaint is a minor disagreement that may occur between neighbors in close proximity which can be resolved by the neighbors themselves.
  5. Any violation of these Rules and Regulations shall be deemed a public nuisance. Tenant agrees that a breach of any of the Rules and Regulations cannot reasonably or adequately be compensated in damages in an action of law and, therefore, Owner shall be entitled to injunctive relief including, but not limited to, restraining Tenant from continuing to breach any such Rules and Regulations, term, or condition, or to allow a condition which violates a rule or regulation, term or condition to exist or continue to exist.


  1. Owner shall be represented by Park Management, including a Manager and or an designated agent, who is vested with all the legal rights and authority to enforce the Rules and Regulations on behalf of the Park’s Owner.
  2. Tenant and their Guests shall not threaten, harass, intimidate, verbally abuse, follow, stalk, or engage in a course of conduct over a period of time, however short, that threatens, harasses, intimidates, verbally abuses or follows or stalks the Park Manager and/or Park personnel in the performance of their duties on behalf of Owner. Any such conduct shall be deemed a nuisance for which remedial action under the Recreational Vehicle Park Occupancy Law or any other law that may be brought against Tenant or their Guests, including without limitation, restraining orders pursuant to Code of Civil Procedure Sections 527.6 and 527.8 to prohibit harassment and work-place violence, orders for injunctive relief, and/or termination of Tenant’s right to possession of Tenant’s RV Site.
  3. Employees working for the Park are prohibited from performing tasks for Tenants and Guests except in emergencies and as specifically authorized by Management.


  1. Standards for Accessory Equipment and Structures – Conditions for specific equipment and structures are as follows:
  1. Certain items not permitted in a RV Site in the Park
  2. Antennas and Satellite Dishes. All satellite dishes are prohibited.
  3. Any antenna that is designed to receive video programming services via broadband radio service (wireless cable), or to receive or transmit fixed wireless signals are also prohibited.
  4. Tenant and Guests shall be responsible for all costs associated with any pre- approved reception device that he/she installs including, but not limited to, all costs to (i) repair, maintain, relocate and remove any such reception device; (ii) repair damage to other property caused by the installation, maintenance or use of any person injured by the installation, maintenance or use of any such reception device, (iii) pay medical expenses incurred by the installation, maintenance or use of any such reception device; and (iv) reimburse and hold the Park harmless for all damages caused by the installation, maintenance and use of any such reception device.
  5. Sunshades, Windscreens and Privacy Screens. Roll-up, aluminum wind screens or privacy enclosures are not to be used for storage of any items not otherwise permitted outside the RV.
  6. Patio and Carport Awnings. Must have Park Management written approval and conform to city, county and state codes. All anchors must be removed upon vacating the RV Site. Pop-up canopies are prohibited in the Park.


  1. RV Site. Each Tenant is responsible for the maintenance and appearance of Tenant’s RV Site and Recreational Vehicle. The RV Site shall be kept free from litter, and debris at all times.
    1. No wasting of water allowed. Tenant and Guests agree to not use water beyond that reasonably necessary to be used on the RV Site.
  2. Storage. Storage of anything beneath, behind, or on the outside of the recreational vehicle is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, storage of boxes, trunks, wood, pipe, bottles, tools, mops, ladders, paint cans or any other item which is unsightly in appearance.
    1. Only outdoor patio furniture, fire-pits and barbecues pre- approved for use by Park Management. Firepits and barbeques must have prior written authorization and approval by park management prior to usage on the deck or other portions of the RV Site.
    2. No appliances, including, but not limited to water heaters, freezers, refrigerators, washing machines, clothes dryers, etc., may be installed or placed outside of the RV at any time. No washing machines or clothes dryers are allowed inside the RV without written authorization. Any RV with a washing machine or clothes dryer will be charged an additional monthly fee of $150. Tenants will be fully responsible for any maintenance as well as any damage caused by the usage of washing machines or clothes dryers.
  3. Dangerous Materials. Any item which creates a threat to health and safety shall not be permitted on the RV Site. No flammable, combustible, or explosive fluid, material, chemical, or substances (except those customarily used for normal household purposes which shall be properly stored within the RV and/or storage building and kept only in quantities reasonably necessary for normal household purposes) may be stored on the RV Site.
  4. Garbage and Trash Disposal. Park trash bins are for household trash only. Garbage must be bagged and be kept inside the RV or storage shed until deposited in the designated disposal bins. Do not take or sift through trash in Park trash bins. Do not reach into, step, or climb into trash bins or dumpsters. Dumpster “diving” is prohibited. Sanitary and health laws must be obeyed at all times. Combustible, noxious, or hazardous materials should be removed from the Park and not placed in bins. Lids on the disposal bins are to be kept closed. Materials must not be left outside of the bins. Bringing trash from outside the Park to dump in the Park’s disposal bins is not permitted. Construction debris and large items such as mattresses and appliances are not to be disposed of in the bins. Dumpster “diving” and sorting through other Tenants trash is prohibited.
  5. Clotheslines. Clotheslines and drying racks are not permitted outside of Tenant’s RV. Items are not permitted to be hung out over deck railings or any other exterior surface.
  6. Flags and Flagpoles. Flags and flagpoles are prohibited in the RV site.
  7. Sewer System. The Park is on a septic. Tenants and Guests are to do no activities that would damage the septic system. No objects that resist water (including, but not limited to, facial tissue, disposable diapers, paper towels, tampons, cotton balls) may be flushed or otherwise deposited into the sewer system. Other products include: cleaning fluids, wipes of any kind, paper towels, solids, cat litter, hand towels and washcloths, plastic of any type, wood of any type, metal of any type, bones, feminine products, condoms, anything non-biodegradable, anything that does not dissolve easily in water shall not be placed in the sewer system.
    1. Park Management shall not be responsible for the damage done to any RV because of the stoppage or backing up of the sewer system due to the placement in the sewer system of any prohibited material. Tenant and Guest acknowledge that the placement of such prohibited material into the sewer system is difficult, if not impossible, to police. Tenant and Guest therefore, waives any and all claims for personal injury or property damage caused by a stoppage in the sewer line due to the placement of prohibited materials into the sewer system, by any persons, known or unknown.
    2. All Wastewater, including gray water, must be disposed of by using wastewater connections as directed by Park Management.
    3. Tenants and Guests are to report any malfunction of the water system immediately. This includes leaky faucets, toilets, and pipes.
    4. Tenants and Guests are not to exceed 50 gallons of daily water usage. Leaks and overflows will count towards daily water total.
  8. Notice and Repairs/Maintenance by Management. After thirty (30) written notice by Management to Tenant that Tenant’s RV Site has not been maintained in compliance with these Rules & Regulations or requires repair and/or maintenance in order to comply with these Rules & Regulations, Management may perform such repairs/maintenance and will bill Tenant for the repairs/maintenance.


  1. Prohibition. All exterior signs and advertising flags, including, but not limited to “For Sale” signs and garage sale signs, are prohibited. No signs are to be attached to or placed in front of any Park signage, streetlights, streetlight poles, or other Park structures, including, without limitation to any areas of the Park.
  2. Advertisements to the Public. Except as otherwise allowed by law, Tenants may not advertise to the public, including any advertisement to invite members of the public into the Park, including for meetings, garage sales, bake sales, and other similar events.
  3. Resort Events and Themes: The Park contracted with Attitude Marketing, a professional advertising agency, to promote various events such as vow renewals, anniversaries, family reunions, weddings, special celebrations, etc.… to attract more Guests. Attitude Marketing is also managing all of White Rock Resort social media accounts namely, WRR website, Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube Channel, etc…. The Park encourages all Tenants to share any posts and or content which could increase visibility and generate more positive reviews. Tenants have the option to opt in or out of any event participation.


Park Management shall have a right of entry upon the RV Site for maintenance of utilities, for maintenance of the RV Site where the Tenant fails to maintain the RV Site in accordance with the Rules and Regulations, and for the protection of the Park at any reasonable time, but Park Management may not do so in a manner or at a time which would interfere with Tenant’s quiet enjoyment. Park Management may enter a Recreational Vehicle without the prior written consent of Tenant in the case of an emergency, to stop an unsafe or damaging problem (for example, a fire, gas leak, or water leak), or when Tenant has abandoned the Recreational Vehicle. Since there are many guests staying at the park, Park management reserves the right to enter RV sites regularly to check for leaks, leaky faucets, etc.…


  1. General:
    1. The available amenities in the office building are available for Tenants and their Guests who are part of the Park Management Rental Pool.
    2. Hours for the Park Office building and additional rules and regulations governing the use of the Park Office building are posted in and about the facilities are incorporated into these Rules and Regulations by reference.
    3. No gambling will be permitted at any time.
    4. Persons in swimming suits or trunks, wet or dry, will not be allowed in the Park Office building. Tenants and Guests must wear appropriate attire at all times in the Park Office building, including, but not limited to, shirts, bottoms, and shoes.
    5. Screaming, diving, running, horseplay and loud noises are not allowed anywhere throughout the park.
      Radio’s, CD players, boom boxes, televisions, Bluetooth speakers and other such entertainment devices are not permitted in the recreation room and the Park Office building as well as the Park, unless used with earphones.
    6. Private parties are subject to Park Management with prior written approval and must be pre-arranged in writing.
    7. Audio devices shall be kept low in volume, so as not to disturb other persons’ enjoyment.
    8. Use of the Park and its Park Office Building requires Tenant and Guests to comply with these Regulations, other conditions of tenancy, including the lease/rental agreement, and all laws and regulations, as well as Tenant’s timely maintenance of all applicable fees and licenses.
  2. Jacuzzis
    1. No glassware or glass bottles may be taken into the pool areas. No coolers allowed in pool areas either.
    2. All Tenants and Guests within the pool area must wear appropriate swimming attire. Only manufactured swimwear may be worn in the swimming pool or spa. No “cut-offs”, walking shorts and/or street clothes will be permitted. For sun damage protection, plain, white t-shirts may be permitted in the pool or spa.
    3. Persons using the pool or spa must first shower and remove all suntan lotions and like products before entering the water. If any type of lotion is used, Tenant and Guests must protect the pool furniture by covering the furniture with a large towel.
    4. Persons using these facilities must have at all times full control of their bodily functions to avoid defecating or urinating in the swimming pool or spa. For health and sanitary reasons, all incontinent persons are required to wear swim diapers in the water.
    5. No alcohol, food, or breakable containers are allowed in or near the swimming pool or spa.
  3. Restroom Facilities: Park Office Building’s restroom facilities are for the exclusive use of Park Management. These facilities are to be kept locked.


  1. The laundry facilities are for the exclusive use of Park Management. These facilities are to be kept locked.
  2. Additional rules and regulations governing the use of the laundry facilities are posted and are incorporated herein by reference.


  1. Space permitted, only one (1) vehicle may be parked on Tenant’s RV Site in Tenant’s “parking” space. There is no overflow parking. In all cases, there shall be only one (1) vehicle per rental party.
  2. No ATV’s, quads, dune buggies, or similar vehicles, are allowed to be parked in the Tenant’s “parking” space at their RV Site. Only automobiles, pick-up trucks rated ¾ ton or less, motorcycles, and campers are permitted on Tenant’s RV Site. Commercial vehicles, tow trucks, buses, trailers, etc., or vehicles containing tools, equipment, lawnmowers, ladders, etc., or any other items that can be seen from the streets or other RV Sites are not permitted.
  3. The Park does not have any storage facility whatsoever for additional vehicles.
  4. Each vehicle belonging to Tenant or Guest must be registered with Park Management via the online portal software.
  5. Parking is permitted only in designated areas. No one shall park on any other Tenant’s RV Site without the Owner’s written permission, which must be kept on file at the office. No parking is permitted on the streets of the Park, the grassy or vegetative areas or any other parking spaces. Vehicles belonging to repairmen, delivery persons, health care personnel, or Park employees or personnel may be parked for short periods of time on the street immediately adjoining the RV Site where service is being provided.
  6. Vehicles parked on Tenant’s RV Site may only be parked on the Tenant’s “ parking” RV site driveway and not on any other area of the RV Site. Parking is not permitted to anyone on any other vacant sites.
  7. Guests may only park in designated guest parking spaces or on the host Tenant’s RV Site. Because of the limited parking facilities, traffic congestion and noise, Park Management reserves the right to restrict the number of Guests bringing automobiles or other vehicles into the Park.
  8. Any vehicle parked in violation of these Rules and Regulations or in violation of signs posted throughout the Park may be towed from the Park at the expense of vehicle’s owner irrespective of the car ownership and will hold Tenant responsible for any violation and towing fees.
  9. Other than the RV located on the RV Site, sleeping in vehicles is strictly prohibited.
  10. No automobile may be “stored” on the RV Site. “Storage” shall include but is not limited to, the parking of any inoperative vehicle for a period exceeding two (2) days, the parking of an operative vehicle that is not used for a period exceeding four (3) days or the parking of more than one vehicle for the purpose of selling those vehicles as part of a commercial activity. Other than Guests and Tenant’s online registered authorized parking, no automobile is allowed to park in the Park.
  11. Car covers are not allowed in the Park.


  1. No vehicles leaking oil or any other substances or fluids shall be allowed in the Park.
  2. No maintenance, repair, or service work on any vehicle, boat, or recreational vehicle is permitted on the RV Site without written consent from Park Management. This includes, but is not limited to the changing of oil.
  3. The speed limit throughout the Park is 5 mph at all times.
  4. For the safety of all persons within the Park, no vehicle may be driven in an unsafe manner. All traffic signs must be obeyed and the Park’s speed limit must be observed at all times.
  5. Excessively noisy vehicles are not permitted in the Park.
  6. Motorcycles, motor scooters, minibikes, or other two and three wheel motorized vehicles entering or leaving the Park must be driven by the most direct route between the Park’s entrance and Tenant’s RV Site and may not otherwise be driven on any other street in the Park or vacant sites. All such vehicles shall be licensed, street legal, and driven by a licensed driver only and registered through Park online portal.
  7. Bicycles may only be driven on the roadways and not on the sidewalks, grass, vacant sites or any other paved area. Bicycles must obey the same traffic regulations as cars. Helmets must be worn in compliance with the California law.
  8. If driven at night or at dusk, bicycles must be equipped with a light on the front and a reflector in the rear.
  9. Skates, roller blades, scooters, golf carts, etc., are not permitted anywhere in the park or other common areas of the Park. Bicycles, skates, roller blades, scooters, golf carts, etc., are permitted on the outside street road streets which are outside of the Park property. However, they are not permitted on ramps or sidewalks to avoid injury to Park property.


  1. Actions by any person of any nature, which may be dangerous or may create a health and safety problem or disturb others, are not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to any unusual, disturbing or excessive noise, intoxication, quarreling, bullying, threatening, fighting, immoral or illegal conduct, profanity or rude, boisterous, objectionable, or abusive language or conduct. The use or display of any weapon, including, but not limited to a bow and arrow, BB guns, knives, fireworks, and guns are expressly forbidden. Objectionable behavior, disturbing neighbors, and use of power tools, noisy repairs, or construction is prohibited on Sundays and between 9:00 PM to 8:00 AM, Monday through Saturdays. Physical fighting will not be tolerated and will be considered a substantial annoyance within the meaning of Civil Code 799.70(c) and will subject the Tenant and their RV to removal from the Park.
  2. Radios, televisions, record players, musical instruments and other devices must be used so as not to disturb others. No loud music or noise is permitted at the RV Site. Radios, CD players, boom boxes, Bluetooth speakers and other such entertainment devices are not permitted outside of the RV, unless used with earphones or are a part of the Park’s Emergency Preparedness Plan. Tenants and their Guests may have amplified music at the RV Site but the sound shall not exceed the confines of the RV Site and must be fully turned-off by 9:00 PM Repeated offenders of this rule shall lose the privilege to play music outdoors.
  3. Tenants and their Guests shall not encroach or trespass on any other Tenant’s RV Site or upon any area, which is not open for general use by Tenants and their Guests. All Park property which is not for the use of Tenants and their Guests, including, but not limited to, electric, water and sewer connections, and other equipment connected with utility services and tools and equipment of Park Management, shall not be used, tampered with or interfered with in any way by Tenant.
  4. Tenants and Guests must be quiet and orderly and shall not be allowed to do anything which might be cause for complaint. “Quiet Time” in the Park is between the hours of 9:00 PM , and 8:00 AM. Tenants must acquaint all Guests and all occupants of the RV with the Park’s Rules and Regulations. During these hours there will be no construction or contractors allowed in the Park without prior written authorization by Management. This policy excludes Park maintenance deemed necessary by Management.
  5. The Park’s streets shall not be used for the playing of games and sports without prior written Management approval.
  6. Tenants and Guests must not damage any vegetation or alter the Park’s vegetation in any manner. The vegetation is not to be walked upon or pruned except by Park employees. Please stay on the approved walkways. Do not make new walkways on the property.
  7. Barbeques must be pre-approved for use by Park Management in writing. No wood or charcoal barbecues will be allowed. Management reserves the right to prevent Tenant from using a barbeque that Management believes is a fire hazard to the Park.
  8. Campfires are not allowed without prior written approval by Park Management.
  9. The use of generators in the Park is strictly prohibited.
  10. Park owned chairs and other equipment are not to be removed from their original location without Management written approval.
  11. The violation of any law or ordinance of the city, county, state, or federal government will not be tolerated. No acts or conduct shall be permitted which would place the Park Management in violation of any law or ordinance.
  12. All signs, posted notices, and directions of Park Management must be obeyed and respected. Non-compliance will result in immediate loss of Park privileges and possibly may incur fines and penalties to the Tenant.
  13. Tenant is responsible for the actions and conduct of all other occupants in Tenant’s Recreational Vehicle and for the actions and conduct of any and all Tenant’s Guests and invitees.
  14. For the safety of other Tenants, law enforcement being called to the RV Site of a specific Tenant for any reason, including, without limitations to, domestic violence, drugs, prostitution, etc., will not be tolerated and will be considered a substantial annoyance within the meaning of Civil Code Section 799.70(c) and will subject the Tenant and their RV to removal from the Park.
  15. Operation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones are prohibited from use by anyone in the Park.
  16. The use of fireworks in the Park is prohibited.
  17. Grocery store/drugstore shopping carts are not permitted in the Park.
  18. Garage sales, patio sales and/or moving sales are expressly prohibited Block parties are prohibited. Written permission must be obtained from the office and guidelines must be followed.
  19. Do not disturb the wildlife. Observe but do not interfere with or bother the wildlife.
  20. Nicotine Use. Smoking and vaping are only permitted on the Tenant’s RV Site. Smoking and vaping in the Park Office Buildings and common areas is prohibited. Smoking poses a fire hazard. Throwing cigarettes or other material onto the landscaping may result in a fire. All smoking paraphernalia is to be disposed of properly and extinguished completely. If smoking bothers other Tenants or Guests, then smoking will not be permitted.
  21. Marijuana. So long as it does not disturb other Tenants, the legal use of marijuana is permitted in the Tenant’s RV. However, marijuana is expressly prohibited from being kept or planted in the RV, on the RV Site, or anywhere in the Park.
  22. Zero Tolerance Policy Re Illegal Drugs. The Park does not tolerate any illegal drug possession, use, and/or sale in the Park by Tenant, Tenant’s family, any household members or Tenant’s guests. Even a single incident of illegal drug possession, use, and/or sale in the Park by the Tenant, Tenant’s family, any household member or Tenant’s guests, with or without Tenant’s knowledge, shall constitute a substantial annoyance within the meaning of California Civil Code Section 799.70(c) and may, at Management’s sole option, serve as the basis for the termination of Tenant’s tenancy in the Park.
  23. Substantial Annoyance. Tenant agrees that conduct which constitutes a substantial annoyance to other Park Tenants within the meaning of Civil Code Section 799.70(c), shall include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following conduct or combinations thereof, upon written complaint by other Tenants and witnesses and/or their willingness to cooperate and testify in a court proceeding due to the seriousness of the acts or omissions:
    1. Frequent arguments at Tenant’s RV Site (neighbor to neighbor disputes, domestic disputes, domestic violence, etc.) which are audible to a next-door neighbor inside their RV or in the Park streets;
    2. Any terrorist threats or racial/ethnic insults made to others, including Management staff or neighbors;
    3. Brandishing of any deadly weapon and/or discharge of any explosive device, including fireworks, or discharge of any gun including compressed air guns and “BB” guns within the Park, whether intentional or accidental;
    4. A visit to the Park by the police for reported criminal and/or nuisance activity or disturbances of the peace at Tenant’s RV Site;
    5. Frequent late night and early morning social or business gatherings at Tenant’s RV Site;
    6. The failure of Tenant or Guest pet owners to monitor and be responsible for their pet’s conduct. Tenant or Guest pet owners must not allow their pets to cause damage or unreasonably annoy other Tenants and/or their Guests;
    7. Loud music at the RV Site night or day which is audible to a next-door neighbor inside their RV or in the Park streets at an unreasonably loud level;
    8. Operation of electronic transmission devices (i.e., “CB” radios) which interfere with radios, TVs or computers.
    9. Open consumption of alcohol or other intoxicants and/or drunken or disorderly behavior whether at Tenant’s RV Site or in common areas;
    10. Unsafe driving within the Park including driving at an unsafe speed, failure to stop or yield, endangerment to pedestrians, children, and pets;
    11. Loud motor vehicle noises including modified muffler systems, car stereos and motorcycles going to and from Tenant’s RV Site;
    12. Frequent improper street parking;
    13. Continuing failure to maintain the RV and RV Site, including landscaping, according to the Park Rules and Regulations and general Park standards. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to improper open storage of personal property or debris, hazardous materials, inoperative vehicles, unregistered vehicles, unsightly vehicles and vehicle repair at the RV Site;
    14. Accumulations of litter, rubbish, or debris at the RV Site;
    15. Causing any open fire, whether intentional or accidental;
    16. Lewd or obscene behavior outside the RV or in the common areas;
    17. Disturbing the peace by behaving in an unreasonably loud or disruptive manner outside the RV or anywhere in the Park;
    18. The uttering of profanity outside the RV or in the common areas loud enough to be audible to persons passing by;
    19. Allowing, to visit or live in Tenant’s RV, former resident(s) who have been evicted, or who moved out after having been served with eviction notices, for substantial annoyance and/or behavior rules and regulations;
    20. Causing the emission of obnoxious and offensive odors and/or creating noxious or offensive odors which are detectable outside the RV Site.
  24. WARNING: ENGAGING IN THE CONDUCT IDENTIFIED ABOVE, OR ANY OTHER CONDUCT DEEMED BY THE MANAGEMENT TO BE A SUBSTANTIAL ANNOYANCE TO OTHER TENANTS SHALL BE GROUNDS FOR A TERMINATION OF TENANCY AND IF NECESSARY, FORMAL EVICTION PROCEEDINGS. Management reserves its right to terminate the tenancy of a Tenant for any other conduct upon the Park premises, including of a lesser amount or offensive nature than those items specified above, which constitutes a substantial annoyance to the other Park Tenants.

16. PETS

  1. Tenants and their Guests must register any pet with the Park and do hereby agree to the Pet Agreement and Release. All pets must be registered via the online management portal prior to arriving at the park. Owner reserves the right to deny Tenants or Guests a pet if there are an excessive number of pets in the Park, or if the proposed pet appears to present a threat to the health and safety or the general welfare of the Park or its Tenants and Guests. Should Tenant or Guest lose his/her pet, or should it die, Tenant or Guest must notify Management and must register any new pet with Management.
  2. Management reserves the right to exclude dogs of certain breeds including, but not limited to those commonly referred to as Pit Bull (including Staffordshire terriers, Staffordshire bull terriers, and American pit bull terriers), Dobermans, Chow Chows, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Akitas, Staffordshire Terriers, Alaskan Malamutes, Great Danes, Siberian Huskies, Presa Canarios and Wolf Hybrids. The decision whether a dog meets any of the above criteria lies in the sole and unfettered discretion of Park Management. Guide dogs, signal dogs, and other service dogs as defined by Civil Code Section 54.1 are exempt from the breed restrictions otherwise applicable to dogs.
  3. Dangerous or aggressive pets are not allowed. Aggressive behavior may include, but is not limited to, lunging, growling, biting and/or barking at Tenants, Guests or other pets. Management may, with or without cause and in Management’s sole and absolute discretion, notify a Tenant and or Guest to immediately and permanently remove a pet from the Park if the pet exhibits any aggressive behavior including, but not limited to, biting, stalking, charging, chasing, attacking or otherwise threatening to attack or harm someone.
  4. All Pet Owners Must Strictly Adhere to the Following Rules:
    1. Tenants and Guests must agree to the Pet Agreement provided upon written request by Management and Tenants and Guests must abide by all terms of the Pet Agreement.
    2. Pets must be on a leash, not to exceed six (6) feet, when not inside the RV. Use of retractable leashes is prohibited within the Park. Pets running loose in the Park will be taken to, or reported to Animal Control.
    3. Pets will not be allowed to cause any disturbance which might annoy neighbors, including, but not limited to excessive barking, growling, biting, or any other unusual noises or damages. Under no circumstance is a pet to invade the privacy of anyone’s RV Site or RV. Pet owners are responsible at all times for their pets’ conduct, including injury, destruction of property, and annoyances to other tenants, and the Park. Park Management shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury of any kind whatsoever caused by the Tenant’s pet. Pet owners are strictly liable for injuries caused by their pets.
    4. The Tenant and Guests are responsible for all pet feces and must immediately pick it up, wrap it, and place it in the trash.
    5. The tying up of pets outside the RV and leaving them unattended is prohibited.
    6. Other than guide, signal and other service dogs as defined by Civil Code section 54.1, pets will not be allowed in the Park Office building at any time.
    7. The conduct rules set in the Park’s “pet rules” apply to all service and guide dogs as well.
    8. No exterior pet housing is permitted in the Park. This includes, but is not limited to, any type of confining barricade or structure.
    9. Feeding of stray cats and other animals is prohibited.
    10. Failure to Comply. If Tenants and Guests do not comply fully with each of these rules, Owner may, in Owner’s sole discretion, require that the pet be permanently removed from the Park.


For all life-threatening emergencies, call 9-1-1.

The Park Office telephone is for business and emergency use only.

Please do not telephone or contact Park Management after normal business hours unless there is a maintenance-related emergency.

  1. All Park business is conducted Monday- Friday 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM PST
  2. Except for emergencies, all complaints must be in writing and signed by the complaining Tenant or Guests and forwarded to dhd@bsdpropertymanagment.com
  3. Tenant or Guests shall not request maintenance personnel to perform jobs for Tenant or Guests, nor shall Tenant or Guests give instruction(s) to maintenance personnel. All repair and maintenance requests shall be submitted in writing to Park Management.


Park Management reserves the right to add, delete, amend, or otherwise revise these Rules and Regulations at any time, and without notice, to include memorandums posted in and about the Park facilities.


The Park is a private property and Owner reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone, and to prevent trespassing at all times.


  1. Given the location of the Park and its proximity to the beach, there is a potential danger of injuries and damages which may occur with respect to the use of the PUBLIC BEACH or BEACH access and adjacent areas. Tenants and their Guests are aware that there are no lifeguards or other type or any kind of supervision in and about the public beach and/or any beach access area including access from the cabins or walkways and that the Park is not responsible for beach upkeep or any activities that take place thereon. In consideration of being permitted access (as available) to the public beach, via stairs adjacent to the resort, Tenants and their Guests do hereby release, indemnify and hold harmless the Park, including but not limited to, its operators, employees, agents and representatives, from any and all claims of any kind and at any time whether for damages, any personal injuries and any injuries or otherwise, any and all slip and fall whether or not resulting from the use of the public beach and/or public beach access, including but not limited to access to any areas outside the cabins, anywhere and in all places and at all times including the Park walkways, swimming in the ocean, and the adjacent areas and facilities, by yourself, your spouse/partner, your children, other members of your households (collectively “members of your family”) or Visitors and/or Guests, and including but not limited to invitees, permittees, occupants, licensees, or any other such persons.
  2. ASSUMPTION OF ANY RISKS. You and anyone using the Vacation Rental during your stay accepts and assumes any and all risks involved in or related to the use of the Vacation Rental and any surrounding properties, the hot tubs, or any other body of water (including but not limited to a lake or an ocean at or adjacent to the Vacation Rental), any water-related activities, features on the property, usage and utilization of deck(s), access to the beach, activities participated in during your stay on or off the property, amenities provided at the property, or third-party transportation vendors, as applicable, whether or not disclosed in the listing including and not limited to any slips and falls ANYWHERE at the WRR location, including any surrounding access to or from the bluff. You, understand and hereby agree and acknowledge that WRR is located on a bluff and therefore you are agreeing to stay at your own risk. You understand that traveling and staying in a vacation rental property may increase the likelihood of contracting an infectious disease, such as COVID-19, and you voluntarily assume that risk. You further accept and assume all risks involved in or related to any recreational equipment of any kind, including but not limited to beach or pool equipment, golf cart, bicycles, docks, boats, paddleboards or other floating devices, game or sports equipment, as applicable. You are responsible for determining your fitness for participating in any features or activities during your stay and your ability to fully understand and comply with any directions, warnings, laws, or regulations presented. TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED UNDER APPLICABLE LAW, YOU KNOWINGLY, VOLUNTARILY, AND FREELY ASSUME ALL RISKS, BOTH KNOWN AND UNKNOWN, OF THE ABOVE-DESCRIBED ACTIVITIES, AND YOU ASSUME FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR PARTICIPATION IN ANY SUCH ACTIVITIES INCLUDING RESIDING AND OR VISITING WRR.


The Park management does not control adjacent or nearby properties, their zoning, conditions or uses at present or in the future. The Park management makes no representation or warranty as to any nearby uses or conditions and is not responsible for any such conditions or changes.